About us

QuietStar Industries designs, delivers, and installs products for noise reduction in institutional, commercial, educational, industrial and community venues.

Our firm utilizes the products of Industrial Acoustics Company and pinta acoustic inc. - manufacturers of the world's finest noise control products.

Interior applications include sound control doors and windows, music practice rooms, edit suites and voice over booths, operable wall systems (IAC Trackwall rated NIC 46 to NIC 60), and machinery enclosures.

Exterior applications include noise reducing sound barriers, ventilation fan and cooling tower silencers, and sound absorbing air intake louver systems.

QuietStar is a turn-key provider - our products are delivered and installed by factory trained and certified craftsmen in a safe, professional, workmanlike and timely manner.

QuietStar's staff  has over 80 man years of experience available to resolve all of your noise issues.

Please contact us to review your needs and allow us to offer a proposal for your next noise control project................!!!